We invite the College of Charleston community and members of the public to share their congratulations and welcome messages for President Andrew T. Hsu.

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  1. Amy Gutmann
    Amy Gutmann says:

    Congratulations on becoming the twenty-third president of the College of Charleston. As an accomplished academic and exceptional leader with notable achievements at The University of Toledo, San Jose University, and beyond, you will no doubt lift your college community to even greater heights of educational excellence.

    I extend my best wishes for a wonderful inauguration and a tremendously successful presidency.

    With hearty congratulations,

    Amy Gutmann
    President, University of Pennsylvania

  2. Rita Allison
    Rita Allison says:

    Best wishes for a productive and outstanding school year!

    Rita Allison
    South Carolina House of Representatives
    Chair, House Education and Public Works Committee

  3. Jeff Irvine
    Jeff Irvine says:

    Congratulations Mr. Hsu on becoming the College of Charleston’s new president! So many of my fellow alums are thrilled to have such an accomplished person steering our great institution. Welcome aboard!

    Jeff Irvine
    Class of ‘91
    Charleston, SC

  4. Katrina F. Shealy
    Katrina F. Shealy says:

    Congratulations on being selected as the President of the College of Charleston. I know you will serve with the utmost integrity and commitment.

    Katrina F. Shealy
    The Senate of South Carolina

  5. Kalea Perez
    Kalea Perez says:

    Congratulations on becoming the next President of the College of Charleston. I am thrilled to have a president who values his students so greatly. The steps you have already taken to make this school better are remarkable. I look forward to many successful school years ahead.

    Kalea Perez
    Class of 2022

  6. Casie Jennings
    Casie Jennings says:

    Welcome to the family! My alma mater is so very lucky to have you. I hope you enjoy your time as the new President and meet all the students who are grateful to have you as their president. There’s so much to take in on our beautiful campus along with so much history. I’m excited to see all that you do here in Charleston and at The College. Go Cougars!

    Casie Jennings
    Class of ‘17

  7. Kayshawn McCoy
    Kayshawn McCoy says:

    Congratulations on becoming the new President of the College of Charleston! We are so grateful and excited to have you. Thus far, you have offered your kindness, gratitude, and you continue to show us that you are the right person for the job. We welcome you with open arms and once again, we say congratulations!

    Here’s to you,

    Kayshawn McCoy
    Class of ‘20

  8. Karlee Stinson
    Karlee Stinson says:

    Congratulations on your inauguration into the College of Charleston! We are lucky to have you and I look forward to seeing your impact on our College community.

    Best wishes,
    Karlee Stinson
    Leadership CofC Cohorts
    Class of 2020

  9. Marie Davis
    Marie Davis says:

    Congratulations on your inauguration as the College of Charleston president! Best wishes for a successful term. I am excited to see the College grow with your leadership. Go Cougars!

    Marie Davis
    Class of 2021

  10. Joy Dempsey
    Joy Dempsey says:

    Dear President Hsu,

    Good luck on a successful new school year at the College of Charleston! I am excited to get to know you as my college president. I believe that you will do great things for our school!

    From, Joy Dempsey ‘21

  11. Mary Frances Johnson
    Mary Frances Johnson says:

    I look forward to seeing what great things you have for us these coming years. It is a pleasure to have such a student-oriented president. Congratulations and welcome!

    Mary Frances Johnson
    Class of ’21

  12. Aubree Johnson
    Aubree Johnson says:

    President Hsu,
    Congratulations and welcome to the College of Charleston! I am very excited for the future of the college, as what you have already done is amazing. College of Charleston is a beautiful campus and I am so pleased that you and your family will now call it home.

    Aubree Johnson
    Class of 2020

  13. Leslie Gambee
    Leslie Gambee says:

    I am so excited for the chapter at the College of Charleston Dr. Hsu’s presidency is starting. His energy, attitude, and outlook are infectious. His experience and intelligence are going to lead CofC into the next 250 years with an unprecedented vibrancy. We are so fortunate for the work the search committee did to bring such an excellent president to us – the right person at the right time! All the best, Leslie Gambee, PAC & Foundation Board member,

  14. Jennifer Smith-Pickreign
    Jennifer Smith-Pickreign says:

    Congratulations on becoming the new president of CofC! I am so excited to see what College of Charleston will be doing in these upcoming years.

  15. Rosalind Minkhorst
    Rosalind Minkhorst says:

    Dear Doctor Hsu, A hearty congratulations on your inauguration as President of the College of Charleston. I am on the Halsey Board and the Council of the School of the Arts and I am thrilled to hear how engaged your are with the students, College staff and myriad of college organizations. I love my involvement with the College and I know you will be huge asset to the College.
    Rosalind Minkhorst

  16. Allison Ross-Spang
    Allison Ross-Spang says:

    Congratulations President Hsu! The campus is buzzing this year already and I think a lot has to do already with you excellent leadership. I looking forward to seeing where you take the school in the coming years!

    Kind Regards,
    Allison Ross-Spang, Class of ’13

  17. Kelsey Gallo
    Kelsey Gallo says:

    Congratulations on becoming our 23rd president, Dr. Hsu! We are so glad to have you here and can’t wait to see what you do. On behalf of all Student Alumni Associates, I welcome you to the College of Charleston!

    Kelsey Gallo
    Student Alumni Associate
    Class of 2022

  18. Gil Kerlikowske
    Gil Kerlikowske says:

    I want to congratulate President Hsu, as a new resident of Charleston, I know he will find the friendship and hospitality to be a wonderful addition to his leadership of the College.

  19. Maria Corontzes Alfieris76
    Maria Corontzes Alfieris76 says:

    Welcome and congratulations on becoming the 23rd president at the College. As an alum and staff member I am excited about our future with you as our leader! Best wishes for many successful years ahead.

    Maria Corontzes Alfieris ’76

  20. Lisa Calvert
    Lisa Calvert says:

    Congratulations on your inauguration and welcome to the College of Charleston! We are very excited to have you here and look forward to your successful leadership!

  21. Courtney Pourciaux
    Courtney Pourciaux says:

    President Hsu,
    It is an honor to formally welcome you to the College of Charleston family. Your warmth and genuine spirit have already changed our campus for the better and I look forward to the exciting years to come as we move towards our 250th celebration together. History was Made Here and, under your leadership, we will continue to Make History Here.

    Go Cougars!
    Courtney Pourciaux ’17

  22. Keny Moreland
    Keny Moreland says:

    President Hsu,
    It is my pleasure to welcome you as our 23rd President. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I look forward to your forward-thinking approach to leadership and the ability to guide us forward. There is no doubt I will enjoy my time here as a student. I wish you the best.

    Cougar Pride!
    Keny Moreland

  23. Keith Sauls '90
    Keith Sauls '90 says:

    Dr. Hsu, it has been a pleasure to get to know you and Rongrong during the interview process and first six months of your presidency. It will be a pleasure to attend the formal inauguration today and it is clear that we have chosen the right leadership for the beginning of the next 250 years of CofC. Congratulations and welcome.

  24. Tomi G Youngblood
    Tomi G Youngblood says:

    Dr Hsu, welcome to the College of Charleston family! We are excited to have you and your family here. When you talk about the College’s future and what we must do to get the College to where we want it to be, it is very inspiring. We look forward to your leadership, and are pleased to help in anyway we can! Congratulations!!

  25. Peggy G. Boykin
    Peggy G. Boykin says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Hsu, on becoming the twenty third President of the College of Charleston. I am extremely excited and honored to welcome you and I look forward to working with you. The students, faculty, alumni , friends and donors all have high expectation of our president and I am confident that you are positioned for success. Thank you for your commitment to the College of Charleston!
    Peggy G. Boykin
    Class of 1981
    Vice Chair College of Charleston Foundation Board

  26. Kenneth Gustafson, Sr.
    Kenneth Gustafson, Sr. says:

    Trisha & I wish you all the best on this very special day for you and your family. Go Cougars.

  27. Fleetwood Hassell
    Fleetwood Hassell says:

    Dr. Hsu, even though I am University of South Carolina graduate, I am proud you are now leading this wonderful school. You and your family represent the very character and integrity that is the fabric of the College of Charleston. I look forward to seeing and working with you as a proud member of our Foundation Board.

  28. Jeff Kinard
    Jeff Kinard says:

    Dr. Hsu,
    Welcome! We have already seen your immersion into the College and felt your leadership. As your Presidency becomes “official”, we look forward to your continued leadership and vision to achieve greatness for the College. Best of luck and success and know the College community is behind you.

    Jeff Kinard
    Class of ‘77
    Foundation Board

  29. Scott Cracraft
    Scott Cracraft says:

    Congratulations and best of luck President Hsu. I look forward to working with on taking my alma mater to the next level! The entire Foundation Board is energized by your leadership and vision.

  30. Rallis Pappas
    Rallis Pappas says:

    President Hsu,
    I look forward to witnessing your inauguration as our 23rd President. It will be a testament to all that you have accomplished in your life as well as your career as an educator. Its with our hope and confidence that you will continue to be successful here at our Alma Mater. We are excited for you and for the CofC!

    Congratulations & Best Wishes,
    Rallis Pappas ’78
    CofC Foundation Board Member

  31. Lisa Burbage
    Lisa Burbage says:

    Dr. Hsu, My husband, John and I throughly enjoyed meeting you and Rongrong recently. Your candid, approachable style of leadership is refreshing! I’m so excited about the vision you have for the College of Charleston. You make an alum like me very proud.
    Lisa Burbage
    Foundation Board member and Class of ’81.

    • hilton smith
      hilton smith says:

      Catherine and I welcome your as our new President
      we are enjoying working with you and appreciate your commitment to moving us forward

  32. Karen Jones
    Karen Jones says:

    On behalf of the College of Charleston Alumni Association, founded in 1888, congratulations on your inauguration! Our more than 92,000 alumni extend a warm welcome to you and your family, and look forward to working with you as we celebrate our 250th anniversary and set the course for the 250 years.

    Karen Burroughs Jones ’74
    Executive Secretary
    College of Charleston Alumni Association

  33. Ann Looper Pryor '83
    Ann Looper Pryor '83 says:

    Congratulations, President Hsu! This is such a momentous day for our alma mater. We are fortunate to have you at the helm!

  34. Sherrie C. Snipes-Williams
    Sherrie C. Snipes-Williams says:

    Dr. Hsu, as a member of the College of Charleston Foundation Board, I welcome you to our amazing college and look forward to the continued elevation of this academic institution through your brilliant leadership and our collective efforts!

  35. Stephen Kerrigan
    Stephen Kerrigan says:

    Congratulations Dr. Hsu and welcome to the College of Charleston family. Our best wishes to Rongrong and your entire family on this historic day. Maureen and I are so pleased you are here. We look forward to working with you to achieve your vision for the college.
    Steve and Maureen Kerrigan

  36. Sandra A. MacNevin
    Sandra A. MacNevin says:

    Congratulations on your inauguration as new President of College of Charleston!
    Every best wish for a successful year – and years – ahead.
    Sandra A. MacNevin
    Communications Manager
    Office of the Provost, The University of Toledo

  37. John Carter
    John Carter says:

    Good morning, Dr. Andrew. WOW! What a ceremony and what a great speech you gave. As you can imagine, I have seen many inaugurations during my career and none have been any better. You and your colleagues deserve many kudos for making all of us who support the College proud Cougars. Any chance any of the PBR’s are left? All the best, John.

  38. Michelle Asha Cooper
    Michelle Asha Cooper says:

    Best wishes for a sucessful presidency President Hsu. I look forward to working closely with you and supporting your leadership via the College of Charleston’s Foundation Board.

    Michelle Asha Cooper
    Class of 1995
    Foundation Board Member

  39. Jean Johnson
    Jean Johnson says:

    We are so excited for the beginning of your tenure at the College of Charleston! We look forward to your leadership as the next 250 years begin.

    Jean Johnson
    Foundation Board member and supporter

  40. Neil Draisin
    Neil Draisin says:

    Andrew , Congratulation on your installation as President of the College of C harleston. It is an honor and privilege to be working with you as we move the College in to the next great milestone.
    My best to you and your family.
    Neil and Carolyn Draisin

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